About Onefarm

Onefarm was born from the desire to build class leading animal handling equipment and innovative service for Kiwi farmers. Helping them get more out of what they’ve got.


Agriculture is the backbone of New Zealand's economy. Our mission is to support the Ag sector in it’s global domination and continuing our reputation as the best in the world. We build products and services for high use parts of the farm that are safe, efficient, and reliable.

What sets us apart

“Everything you need and nothing you don’t.” At Onefarm, over the past nine years, we have built our business around this idea – that we strive to give our customers absolutely everything they need with their yards and crushes, but nothing that they don’t.

When we first entered the cattle yard market in 2016, we were selling very simple sets of cattle yards to smaller lifestyle farms. We were often asked by bigger farming operations if we had larger designs available.

Rather than simply creating larger designs with the equipment we had available at the time, we spent six months researching and scheming how we could improve the options kiwi farmers have.

We’re not the biggest outfit in New Zealand, but we understand that investing in a cattle yard is significant, so it’s important that the support and service you receive reflects that.

When you’re buying farming equipment, usually you face a choice between ‘cheap and nasty’ products, or premium products that’ll last, but will cost you.

At Onefarm, we offer a third option.

Through our unique manufacturing and design process, we’re able to offer New Zealand farmers excellent cattle yards and crushes, but at fair prices.Our products are designed and assembled in New Zealand, and we’ve developed a hybrid manufacturing model with manufacturing split between domestic and off-shore.

This model allows us to allocate resources (and costs) throughout the manufacturing process appropriately to get the best out of our domestic team.

Our established manufacturers in China supply globally to large companies in our industry meaning we benefit from their experience and scale. Vice versa, they benefit from understanding the demands of farming in NZ through their strict adherence to our blueprints and QA process.

In summary, our products are for farmers who value reliability, strength, and efficiency.

Our “everything you need and nothing you don’t” philosophy goes beyond our products. It also encompasses how we get our products to you.

Innovation for us doesn't end at our manufacturing process; it includes the entire product journey. That means we utilise technology including drones, mapping and a decentralised warehousing model to deliver the best possible solution for your farm with nationwide reach.

Through aerial imagery using a drone we’re able to provide a to-scale digital model of the yard that best fits your unique operation. This helps you envision how everything will work before signing anything. We remove the guesswork.

To distribute our products, we use Mainfreight. When Onefarm was started, we were only working in the Otago region (back then we were known as Otago Fencing Supplies). However, as the company grew, so did our reach across New Zealand.

Now we have key sites to serve all the major centres across New Zealand. We’ve got a line that sums up how it all works: “National coverage, local service.”

Our support team is also one of the most flexible in the country too. We’re able to give you the full support and guidance you would expect from a local company, no matter whether you’re located in Kaitaia, Invercargill or anywhere in between.

From the planning phase right to installation, we’re able to give you exactly what you need so you end up with the ideal situation for your farm.

Our Ecosystem

To make it all happen, we leverage the knowledge and expertise of our Contractors, Finance partners and Suppliers. See below to learn more about the role they play.

Onefarm Contractors

When it comes to our Commercial Yards we rely upon our skilled contractors to stand our yards up. It's important that the end result is bang on plan. This ensures smooth stock flow and an end result that you will be proud of!

CPC Fencing
Auckland & Northland
Custom Fencing
Western Fencing
Wairarapa Fencing
Wellington & Wairarapa
Jones Agri Fencing
South Waikato
RVS Contracting
Waikato & Coromandel
Noswet Fencing
Canterbury & West Coast

Key Suppliers

We’re fortunate to work with several industry leading suppliers that complement Onefarm packages. From Tru-Test and DTS with their technology and hardware, to Numats top quality rubber, to Blacks Fasteners quality fixtures and fittings, we have all bases covered.

Tru-Test (Datamars)
Dairy Technology Services (DTS)
Numat Agri
Blacks Fasteners
FRP Products


We have two finance partners that can offer finance solutions to our customers; Figured (if you're an existing customer) and UDC. If you’d like to learn more about either solution, please let us know.

UDC Finance

Our Engineers

We look after our team!

Our head engineer, Lloyd has been a very valuable part of our team ever since we started researching and designing for our new ranges of cattle yards. Being an engineer, Lloyd has worked on and fixed many sets of cattle yards over the years, so we have been privy to his wealth of knowledge. Lloyd also runs his own cattle in Waikato, so he has the stock sense to pair with this engineering knowledge - a powerful combination.

Yard Process

Find out about the Onefarm point of difference from first contact, design and site plans to installed yard.


Discuss your yard needs with Onefarm. Whether you’re a large or small operator, we start with a discussion around your farm needs.



Onefarm will propose yard designs based on your needs. This will be based on your regular yard operations and requirements and any site constraints.


Site Visit

Site visit by Onefarm rep AND Customer to visit existing Onefarm yard (if required). This helps you get a feel for how others have structured their yards and guide your design.



You’re in the right place for that. Start by exploring yard designs on this page then Proposal provided which includes Delivery and Installation costs. In this we’ll outline any site specific requirements or ground works as well as the necessary yard gear needed.submit an enquiry for one that looks about right (even if it’s not 100% there yet).


Site/Concrete Plans

Site Plans and Concrete Plans provided by Onefarm. This is where your yard is confirmed and we work at getting it into action.


Site/Concrete Works Complete

A key milestone in your yard project, ensuring your site and concrete works are up to scratch is the key to a great operation.


Yards delivered & installed

Yards delivered and installed by Onefarm and its vetted installation team. If you’re . larger operation we’ll send one of our trusted teams to site, if your a smaller operation your yards will be provided with a comprehensive plan to follow.


Your project helps us keep the Ag sector on track

WTL x Onefarm

The mission of Will To Live is to educate and support the mental health and happiness of rural New Zealand, creating a ripple effect throughout the rural communities.

Every year Onefarm donates a portion of profits to support Will to Live and rural communities.


Number of NZ farmers reached by Will to Live through the Speak Up Tour


Our pledge is that 1% of our Commercial Yard Revenue is donated to Will To Live

National Coverage,
Local Service


North Island Headquarters


South Island Headquarters
National coverage

No matter where your farm is, we’re nearby. Working closely with Mainfreight we’ve developed localised service in every major town in New Zealand.

Looking to see a yard in the flesh? Flick us a message and we’ll tee it up.


Not an off-shore call centre. When you pick up the phone you’ll get a kiwi on the other end helping you through the process.

18 collection points

Collection points across the country and last mile delivery options mean we can get a yard to you, no matter how remote you might be.

Online showroom

We operate using an online showroom approach - that means everything you could need to know is right at your fingertips (literally).

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