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The Phoenix Crush is our 'Vet' model, available in both left and right-hand operation to accommodate all yards. Each Phoenix comes equipped with a Numat rubber mat and an Off-Side Drafting Handle.

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The Phoenix Crush is our 'Vet' model, available in both left and right-hand operation to accommodate all yards. Each Phoenix comes equipped with a Numat rubber mat and an Off-Side Drafting Handle.


The Phoenix Crush is an excellent option for individuals who frequently engage in veterinary work in the yards, AI work, and calf-mothering duties.


The Crush is equipped with split gates on both sides, and the operational side offers a variety of gates for convenient access to different parts of a cattle beast as needed.


The head bail can be operated anywhere along the Crush by simply sliding the handle along the side, allowing the operator to control the Sliding Gate and Head Bail from any position—whether up by the head or at the back of the Crush, out of the line sight.


Thanks to the diamond-shaped neck yoke, you no longer have to contend with cattle tossing their heads up and down once secured. We have limited the range of movement compared to models with a straight neck yoke design. If needed, we can provide a 'neck yoke insert' for calves that require a lower profile.


Every Crush comes with a high-quality Canadian rubber mat (by Numat). These mats feature cleats designed to catch cattle feet and reduce slipping within theCrush. Additionally, the mat absorbs rattling noise that would otherwise be amplified by a standard steel floor.


Included in the package is the Off-Side Drafting Handle, supplied with the Crush upon delivery and easily mounted on-site. The purposefully long handle for the off-side gate can be cut to the desired length to suit the operator's preference.


The design of the Phoenix Crush, as well as the Gryphon Crush, reflects our unwavering focus on delivering the essentials with excellence. Instead of unnecessary bells and whistles that see limited use, we have optimised the core functions of the Crush, such as heavy-duty slam latches, smooth sliding gate operation, and an efficient and seamless head bail.


ThePhoenix Crush is compatible with all Gallagher and Tru-Test gear, and we take great pride in being proud partners of Tru-Test. Click here to explore the range of Tru-Test products available through Onefarm.


Choose the Phoenix Crush to elevate your farming operations with its reliability, innovation, and exceptional performance.

The Phoenix is available in both left and right hand operation, so this Crush can be retrofitted to any yard as required. Take a look at the info graphic in the image carousel to decipher between left hand and right hand operation.


Below are the key dimensions of the Phoenix:


ExternalLength: 3.625m

InternalLength: 3.2m

ExternalWidth (on ground): 850mm

InternalWidth: 750mm


The 'walk-through' head bail design means the head bail opening maxes out at 750mm when fully open.


Fully hot dipped galvanised after welding.


For more specifications and dimensions please contact us.

For Hot Dipped Galvanising, we offer an impressive 10-year warranty on all our products. This extended coverage ensures that your investment is protected for a decade, reflecting our confidence in the quality and durability of our galvanised offerings.


Additionally, we offer a 2-year warranty on all ourCommercial Steel products. We believe in the reliability and performance of ourCrush range, and this warranty serves as a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Phoenix Crush
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