186 Head Working Area

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This is the Working Area of our 186 Head Yard - design that can fit into any larger yard design. This is very similar to the Working Area in our 223 and 273 head yards.

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The 186 Head Working Area

This is the Working Area of our 186 Head Yard - design that can fit into any larger yard design. This is very similar to the Working Area in our 223 and 273 head yards.

The Working Area within a set of yards often represents the most intense and demanding section. It is widely known that steel provides superior strength and long-term viability, making it a popular choice for yards. By harnessing the strength and modularity of steel, you can optimise your yard's functionality and durability.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing set of yards or constructing a brand new one, the modular nature of our steel Commercial range proves to be a valuable asset. It seamlessly integrates into any yard design, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process.

The forcing circle has a capacity of 17 head, allowing for a generous 1.5m² per head. As with all our designs, each Force Pen load accommodates approximately 2 race loads. In this case, the forcing circle can hold 2 race loads of cattle, depending on their size.

The seven-section race spans 14m and can comfortably hold approximately 9-11 cattle, depending on their size. Included is a mid race sliding gate for managing the race load in tighter compartments.

To facilitate your installation, timber adaptor brackets are included in these packages. Our experienced Onefarm team can install them for you. Alternatively, we provide comprehensive and easy-to-follow plans with every package, empowering you to handle the installation process yourself.

Discover the utility and efficiency of our Working Area within the 104 Head Yard, where strength, modularity, and efficiency converge. Trust Onefarm to deliver exceptional quality and performance for all your yard requirements.

Yard Capacity

When contemplating yard capacity, it is crucial to contemplate Holding Capacity and Working Capacity separately.

It's comparable to a kitchen where eight people can stand, but only two people can work efficiently.

If there were eight people standing in the kitchen, no one would be able to work.

The same principle applies to cattle in yards. When handling cattle, they require ample space for turning and movement.


Based on your average adult cattle (450kg), we use 1.5m2 per head for Holding Capacity, or 2.2m2 as a guide for working capacity. This differs based on whether you're running Cows & Calves, Calves alone, Bulls etc.


Race Length - approx. 14m

Surface Area

For the purpose of obtaining quotes for site preparation, metal, and concrete costs, see below surface area of this design.


Working Area - 133m2

The Onefarm Warranty

At Onefarm, we take pride in offering comprehensive warranties in three distinct areas: Hot Dipped Galvanising, Structural Integrity, and Rail Bend. We understand the importance of providing our customers with peace of mind, and that's why we stand behind the quality of our products.

For all Hot Dipped Galvanising, we offer an impressive 10-year warranty. This guarantee ensures that your investment is protected for the long haul, giving you confidence in the durability and corrosion resistance of our materials.

In addition, our Commercial Steel products come with a generous 2-year warranty. We believe in the strength and reliability of our steel, and we want you to have the utmost confidence in your purchase.

Lastly, we proudly offer a unique 'You bend it, we replace it' warranty for all rails bent due to sideways movement. We utilise a robust rail profile and employ thicker steel than our competitors, emphasising our commitment to exceptional rail strength. This warranty demonstrates our unwavering confidence in the durability of our rails and serves as a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Choose Onefarm for unmatched quality, superior durability, and the assurance of our industry-leading warranties. Invest in products you can rely on, backed by a company that stands behind its promises.

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186 Head Working Area
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